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Founding Partners 

California Injury Agency is a conglomerate of attorneys who have a long history together. The founding members went to law school together, studied for the bar together, practiced individually for a few years, and then came back together to form a law firm that was client focused, and results oriented.

Our Attorneys

The attorneys at California Injury Agency are highly skilled in pursuing the highest recovery possible for their clients. From car crashes to complex wrongful death cases, we are your first line of offense for seeing you through your recovery. The philosophy of California Injury Agency can be summed up in two words, we care.

Why Us

We spend money and valuable time developing, presenting and investigating your case in order to provide you with the best outcome possible. Our reputation is based on the outcome of your case.
All of our cases have at least one founding partner as lead counsel in order to be sure each client is receiving the attention and care they deserve.

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